Some additional health awareness PSAs, resources and tips for making your prescriptions as accessible as possible.

Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment

This page will guide you through questions about your physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, intellectual and personal health. It is in no way intended to replace medical advise but rather offer you a snapshot of your wellbeing for you to reflect and learn from. The only thing I felt to be missing on this self-assessment was Financial health which is just as much important as each of the other categories.


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BC PharmaCare helps B.C. residents with the cost of eligible prescription drugs, certain medical supplies, and pharmacy services. It provides assistance through several drug plans. The largest is the income-based Fair PharmaCare plan.

Diabetes Support

Diabetes is a disease in which your body either can't produce insulin or can't properly use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas.

Insulin's role is to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Blood sugar must be carefully regulated to ensure that the body functions properly. Too much blood sugar can cause damage to organs, blood vessels, and nerves. Your body also needs insulin in order to use sugar for energy.

Eleven million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Chances are, diabetes affects you or someone you know (Diabetes Canada, 2020).

Kamloops Diabetes Clinic

Situated inside Royal Inland Hospital

311 Columbia Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 2T1

A referral is preferred but not required unless recently diagnosed or adjusting insulin levels.


This is a Student Directed Project, designed by a fourth year Bachelor of Social Work student at Thompson Rivers University.

The goal is for this page to provide a sense of community and support for individuals who experience life with a lower-income. Please browse the thoughtfully curated pages to provide accurate and informational resources for you; whoever you are.

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