My goal is to provide you with as much information as possible in order to recycle as many items as possible that you are looking to get rid of. If there are things that you cannot find information on recycling for, lets talk about some solutions!

Residential Recycling

This Residential Recycling Guide for the city of Kamloops is something that I have printed out & placed in close view of the recycling & trash bins in an attempt to be more conscious of how we throw items away. It is a helpful guide on what items can be recycled from your residential recycling programs (the blue bin that you find at residential homes), and what items are only recycled at designated facilities. If you prefer a digital & more interactive version, you can download the app Waste Wise for the city of Kamloops for ongoing guidance on recycling at home.


Please keep in mind that doing your part in understanding recycling within Kamloops is essential to the wellbeing of our community and planet. If city workers identify your household as one that does not follow recycling guidelines (such as putting styrofoam in residential recycling when it is only accepted at designated facilities)


Bottles, cans and other recyclables can be brought into the depot for a refund based on the environmental deposit fee you paid at purchase. In November of 2019, the deposit was increased, primarily from a 5 cent deposit to a 10 cent deposit. You can see a list of return rates here. These rates apply across the province of B.C.

The Bottle Depot

Paper recycling & residential recycling to be brought to outside bin.

To Be Transported to Depot

Residential Recycling Bin

Proper disposal of specific items...

You can find the recycling centre near the tills at Staples in Aberdeen. Here you can recycle writing tools like pens & markers, batteries, and electronics. Here you can also recycle ink cartridges.

London Drugs

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