There are ways of preserving money and saving the planet. Lets talk about how to be eco-friendly.



When you leave your electronics plugged in while not in use, they continue to draw energy. This is called Standby power, and it can amount to upwards of 10% of your total energy bill. For our economical and financial health, try to unplug any items you are not using. You can take this further by unplugging all but essential items while you go on vacation to minimize consumption. Lastly, keep an eye out for environmentally friendly electronics such as advanced power bars, smart products and items with the "energy star". Buying the right light bulbs for your home is another important way to be concious of your energy consumption. See this video for light bulb options that are energy efficient & cost effective.


Doing the Laundry

Cleaning your clothes is something that is essential to our everyday life. This can draw a large amount of energy from our planet if we are not mindful. Some things to be conscious of when doing the laundry is that it is always a full load of laundry, that you only use hot water when absolutely necessary, and that you hang your clothes to dry when possible. Pay attention to the symbols & fabrics on your clothing to ensure that you are washing and caring for them properly, ensuring that they live a long life and do not go to waste. Try to take good care of your clothes.

We need to talk about Water

Our supply of water is something that is ever changing and evolving every day but there's one thing that remains the same: it is finite, we will one day run out. 70% of our planet's supply is salt water. And it takes massive amounts of energy to draw water from it's source, clean it to a drinkable quality, transport it to your city and make adjustments as per desired temperature. Our planet, oceans, sealife, and existence is depending on our conservation of water every day.

While precipitation is the amazing water cycle that eventually returns our water to Earth through rain, it is not always returned to the same place it originated from, nor in the same quality or quantity. This is what leads to water shortages and droughts in some areas of the world. Water conservation ensures that we are well prepared for any future drought in years to come.

You can preserve your water consumption by keeping track of the length of your showers, recycle rain and bath/shower water by using it to water your garden, turn off the sink while brushing your teeth, make sure your washing mashine and dishwasher is full for each load,

Carpooling & Transit


The way you travel makes an incredible impact on the world. We are at a crutial time in our history where we need to start making changes in our environmental behaviour fast. Knowing the large impact that airplanes make, Greta Thunberg travelled to the USA for the XX conference via a solar powered boat as an alternative. Air travel can be somewhat unavoidable for many, but this serves as a great example for how we should try to find alternatives to our regular routine in an effort to reduce our impact on the planet. Check out this video on the impact that a cruise ship can make on our oceans and planet.

The average car gives off approximately XXX co2 emissions on an annual basis. When you choose an alternative to driving your own vehicle, you are actively reducing your carbon footprint! Some examples are trying out public transit, carpooling, ridesharing and trying out TRU's Eco Car program.

Bulk Barn

500 Notre Dame Dr,

Kamloops, BC V2C 6T6

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am.–6pm

Sunday 10am–5pm

Bulk Barn is a great resource for reducing your overall plastic consumption. By bringing in your own vessels (such as a mason jar or small fabric bag), you can avoid the use of packaging altogether. Don't forget to find out the weight of your vessel prior to filling up on foods in order to avoid paying for the weight of this! On Wednesdays you can save 10% if you are a senior or have a student ID.


1675 Versatile Dr,

Kamloops, BC V1S 1W7

Monday-Friday 10am-8:30pm

Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm

Sunday 10am–5pm

Costco is a cost effective way to reduce your overall waste consumption by buying items in bulk, and sometimes concentrated. When you buy a concentrated item (such as this cleaner from Costco, or this popular multipurpose cleaner), the purpose of it is to only use small portions of the product at a time. This will increase the overall lifespan of the product, and decrease your overall packaging consumption as one bottle will go much farther than before!



"We are a non-profit society dedicated to serving the creative community and operate a space in Kamloops where hobbyists, inventors, artists and innovative people from all walks of life, can come together and share their enthusiasm and knowledge. 

The Kamloops Makerspace is a volunteer driven, open and inclusive community workspace collective."

207 Victoria St W,

Kamloops, BC V2C 1A5

Monday-Sunday 5pm-10pm

Makerspace is a unique facility in Kamloops unlike anything I have ever seen before. This location offers a studio/workspace for you to work on projects that you may otherwise not have the space, equipment and material for.​Their membership fee of $75/month gives you 24/7 access to the worksite with some limitations. Following this, there is a $25/month for each additional family member. You can also try free access to the space during open house H4CKNIGHT every Wednesday from 5pm-9pm. I encourage you to check out their website to see what kinds of creative tools they have to offer, I could not be more excited for this space to exist in Kamloops.

Local Non-Profit Thrift Shops

Second Chances Valleyview

Proceeds go to Kamloops SPCA

168 Oriole Rd.,

Kamloops, B.C., V2C 2B4

(236) 425-1615

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday - Closed

Second Chances North Shore

Proceeds go to Kamloops SPCA

1211 – 8th St.,

Kamloops, B.C., V2B 2Y3
(778) 470-0055

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday - Closed


Proceeds to go to Habitat for Humanity

1425 Cariboo Pl #28,

Kamloops, BC V2C 5Z3
(250) 828-7867

Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

Flutter Buys Thrift Store

Proceeds go to Snowden Memorial Hospice Home

1800 Tranquille Rd #14,

Kamloops, BC V2B 3L9
(250) 376-1335 

Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday - Closed

Simply the Best Thrift Store

Proceeds go to Inclusion Kamloops

662 Seymour St,

Kamloops, BC V2C 2H2

(250) 377-8335


Monday-Saturday 9:30am-4pm

Sunday - Closed

Thrift Seller

Proceeds to go to Royal Inland Hospital

146 Victoria St,

Kamloops, BC V2C 1Z7

(250) 374-0487


Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 11am-3pm



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