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BC Housing is considered to be a Backbone Organization. Through it's many functions, it allows the successful functioning of many local organizations working toward's reducing homelessness and increasing housing accessibility.

ASK Wellness has a multitude of programs available for people with all kinds of needs. They have supports available within their housing programs & properties, as well as for tenants and community members who are struggling to manage their housing expenses.


They are home to 3 supportive housing properties where there are regular staff, expectations of the clients such as wellness plans & reintegration plans. 

ASK Wellness provides assistance with property management and property ownership. They support community members with mediation, negotiation support, and building improvement maintenance support. For tenants, ASK Wellness provides support and learning opportunities for goal setting, basic cleanliness, and budgeting. They have resources for rent top-ups, damage deposit assistance, transportation to appointments with potential landlords, and support for emergency repairs.

This organization is incredibly active in our city, with many programs & employees working across the city to keep people warm and supported. ICS has 8 properties in the Kamloops area that are a part of BC Housing’s program and available for rent if you meet the qualifications. Most housing qualifications for ICS are one or several of the following: Living with developmental, physical, mental, or psychiatric disabilities, having diverse health needs, being the age of 55 or older, being low income, and being at risk or facing homelessness. All of these properties advertise a no smoking & no pets policy.

How to Access Affordable Housing


This is a Student Directed Project, designed by a fourth year Bachelor of Social Work student at Thompson Rivers University.

The goal is for this page to provide a sense of community and support for individuals who experience life with a lower-income. Please browse the thoughtfully curated pages to provide accurate and informational resources for you; whoever you are.

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