There are countlss resources and webpages dedicated to cooking on a budget, so the options are limitless. While I intend to input some dedicated celiac & vegetarian recipe lists, this is a general compilation that includes a mixture of all for the time being. Keep scrolling for a list of free resources to help you learn and develop your cooking skills.

Blogs & Webpages dedicated to affordable recipes...

Tablespoon Cheap Dinner Ideas
BBC Good Food Cheap Eat Recipes
Slow Cooker, or Cock Pot is a small kitchen appliance that is the lazy-cook's best friend. Using a recipe found, you prepare your food and then place it into the slow cooker to be... slow cooked... for several hours. This makes a near effortless, and absolutely delicious dinner!

Crockpot Recipes

"Don't forget to unplug your slow cooker!" - Jack from This Is Us

Learn to Cook

Instructables offers a free online cooking course, download here. They say to have had over 10,000 participants!

This website went viral awhile back, with a very cool concept. The idea is that you list the ingredients that you do have in the house, and SuperCook with give you a list of recipes based off of this information.

The Kitchn is a blog that created a free 20 part series on how to cook! It was published in 2014 but is well & thoroughly made.


From the UK, BBC GoodFood Techniques is a page that offers a jaw-dropping amount of information on techniques to cooking.

Cooking with the New York Times is free online cooking school from the very well known & respected journalism agency.

Delia Online Cookery School offers basic cooking classes & recipes.

Better Homes & Gardens from cooking basics, techniques, and charts this is another great free resource on learning how to cook!


This is a Student Directed Project, designed by a fourth year Bachelor of Social Work student at Thompson Rivers University.

The goal is for this page to provide a sense of community and support for individuals who experience life with a lower-income. Please browse the thoughtfully curated pages to provide accurate and informational resources for you; whoever you are.

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